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Math Links

Math Helpful Resources on the Internet

Use these free online resources to supplement the “bookwork” as you see fit.
Base Blocks Addition
A virtual manipulative that shows regrouping in addition. You can either solve addition problems that are provided, or create your own. “Lasso” with a mouse ten units, ten tens, or ten hundreds to regroup them. Choose “Columns = 2” to restrict the work to two-digit numbers.
Base Blocks Subtraction
A virtual manipulative that helps teach borrowing in subtraction. Choose "Create Problem", then click on the red and blue blocks to create a problem. The number to be subtracted (the subtrahend) is illustrated by the RED blocks whereas the minuend is by the BLUE blocks. Click BEGIN problem to start solving. Drag a red block on top of a blue to “subtract” —they cancel each other. Drag bigger place values to the column on their right to “break them up”—in other words regroup or borrow.
Callum's Addition Pyramid
Add the pairs of numbers to get a number on the next level and finally the top number.
Three difficulty levels.
Techno Tortoise
Practice adding two two-digit numbers in parts on a number line.
Mr. Martini's Classroom: Addition and Subtraction Inequalities
Compare expressions that involve addition and subtraction of one and two-digit numbers.
Mr. Martini's Classroom: Long Addition
Practice adding two-digit numbers in columns online.
Mathionare Addition Quiz
Answer increasingly more difficult addition questions (one and two-digit numbers), and win a million!
Button Beach Challenge
Figure out what number the various colored buttons represent.
Teaching Treasures - Year 2 Maths Worksheets
Simple online addition and subtraction worksheets where the student types in the answer and can check it.
Euclid's Game
An online version of Euclid's game (a Java applet).
Count on Convict
Practice “adding up” strategy for mental subtraction. First type the amount to move on to the next whole ten, then count on tens, then the rest.
Double Digit Addition
Match the addition problem with the correct sum. Enjoy!
Addition Level 2
A matching game where you add a one-digit number and a two-digit number.
Speed Grid Addition
Find numbers on the grid that add up to the given number. This uses both single-digit and two-digit numbers.
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