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Is the Lord talking to YOU?

These past couple of weeks my Pastor started doing a series on "How to know what God is telling you to do". It was like a light was turned on in my head!!

Here is the back story story:

Several months ago I ran into Angel Food Ministries through a friend on a Christian home-schoolers sight. Initially I thought that it was a government run thing, or a low income thing. I checked it out online and felt passive about it.

Two month's later we had hit a huge spell of yard work time (ie: 60% less pay per hour). We started feeling a serious pinch on our finances and figured that it would be a prudent time to give it a try.

The day I picked up our supplies I felt an enormous relief. It felt like a bit like Christmas unwrapped those boxes and putting them away! I also got their newsletter and found out the truth; this is a ministry geared to help ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who can benefit from a lower grocery bill. Decent food for an amazing price (out here at least). It didn't have qualifications, no religious boundaries or requirements, no income checks or inquiries of any kind. Their saying is "It's both a bargain and a blessing"

Well I was hit by the Holy spirit the day I took home our first boxes. I HAD to get this to the east county (I have to drive about 45 minutes one way to pick it up). The Lord really starting talking to me. I got over and over that I needed to spearhead this and bring it here. I even talked to the organizer at our host site up north. BUT it turned out there was an enormous amount of work. I prudently decided; I will just "spread the word" and pick up for friends and families who needed it.

Well the pastors' sermon moved me. I HAD to bring the Angel Food to East County (the much hotter, farther, yet only somewhat less expensive, working class communities of San Diego). I felt daunted and kinda irritated. Did God KNOW how much work this was going to take!?

But I relented. I told myself. "Okay, bring it up to the pastor. He'll want all these meetings and information. It's going to be so much work just to get it approved" I put it in Gods hands.

I went to Pastor Bryon and stated my case. He said "Oh wow! that is amazing! We have so many families coming to us for some sort of help for groceries and we always end up sending them to the Lakeside help center (A Christian based food cabinet here in Lakeside. It doesn't have a non-profit tax status so it has less donations and often runs out of groceries and other perishables rather quickly). With all this slow down of work within the working class here, there has been a lot more need of late."

He proceeded to tell me "I think this is fantastic! I authorize you to go ahead and spearhead this. Make it your baby and assemble your team"!!!!

I couldn't believe it. It took NOTHING (but trusting in the Lord)!!! AND!!! I had my team assembled in less than 10 minutes!!! Of course, its a small team as we kick off the start of this journey!

We just completed the first phase of bringing AFM to East County! It was slow as was expected as it will take some time for the community to hear about it, but we have orders for 7-10 families. Not bad for a week's notice and a giant leap of faith!

Now... the end of the month is the pickup and distribution day. It'll be interesting to see how the Lord's will brings this to fruition!!!


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