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Book Nook : Current review

I had the delight of having a Thomas Nelson book to read and review. I received Fearless by Max Lucado. I was delighted when I received the book and rightfully so!

I have other pieces by Max Lucado; he seems to really been gifted with the gift of bringing the Word to life in our current situation.  With the world being what it is today, this book could not have come at a better time.

As I delved into the depths of his work I found that I have been fighting a great deal of fear in my life but I had no real idea that was the issue at hand.  It was something I just could not put my finger on. Lucado's friendly style of writing as well as his use of scripture and poignant points really struck home to me.

This book is open, honest, and really moving. You leave the book feeling like you know Lucado's personally as he really opened his home and life up to you to communicate his points and to share the human story that we all share. This can easily be used as a bible study for yourself or small groups.  I leave my review with this; do not fear this purchase; dive right in and grow in faith, love and the wisdom of the Word.


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