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Kindergarten Teaching Requirements for California

I decided to search out and compile a list of recommended teaching requirements for Kindergarten in the state of California.  I wanted to ensure that what I am teaching will fall into the realm that most of the K-graders are learning, even though we are still using the state certified charter school. 

Mostly, I wanted to see if my time-line for the courses I am teaching meet with what he'll need to know with first grade.  Yes, we will likely be teaching first grade as well, but I want to make sure we are "on track" as it were.

I spent all this time searching though California's educational content standards website, searching for K grade related subjects, and cutting and pasting into my own standards document. Low and behold, JUST after I did all that work, I found that my search engine had actually found a site that already did all the work for me! (doh!)

Ah well, now I can share it with you all without having to download it LOL!  Here ya go!


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