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I'm a writer for the Curriculum Choice!

I am thrilled that I've been blessed to be invited to be a new author for the curriculum choice! My first official review will be published here in just a few days, but I was too excited to wait! LOL

Here is my first curriculum review!

Weaver Interlock

Weaver Interlock is a hands-on curriculum for preschoolers and kindergartners made by Alpha-Omega. It offers a flexible, fully outlined lesson plan that covers Creation through the Flood.  The program integrates Bible with additional subjects such as science, math, language arts, and social studies.
We started using Interlock Weaver as our first curriculum for my oldest as his preschool curriculum.  We continue to use it as a unit study, bible add-on, and intend to use it for my younger boy as well.
Right off the bat, I loved how well planned the curriculum is and how easy it was to follow.  Each day is laid out with your bible theme which then “weaves” that theme into multiple subjects.  They even include reading suggestions as well as craft projects that use primarily household items.
The program includes a tab in the big binder that is filled with reproducible worksheets and projects, which the kids loved!  I loved it too because it saved me so much time not having to separately source printable or crafts for each topic on the internet. The program also comes with a music tape and an introduction to phonics. 
If you choose to use Weaver for both preschool and kindergarten, I do suggest you order their full phonics or outside program as the phonics included is really just an introduction. (We didn’t delve too deeply into the phonics introduction because my son was already well versed in the phonetic sounds of the alphabet.)
I found this program a joy and it continues to be a fantastic resource for us. The curriculum runs for $99.00 and is available at


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