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My first give-away!

I am so excited about my first give-away!  I have been a member of for years now and just love it!

As a buzz agent, you get invited to campaigns for products.  If your demographics meet the campaigns needs, you get shipped that product to try absolutely free!  They only ask that you "buzz" about the product to friends, family, neighbors, and then submit a report and a survey at the end!   You don't get your name sold to a zillion lists or endless product junkmail.  It is a fantastic, free and fun! Check it out!

Anyway, This last campaign was with L'Oreal Paris: Lash boosting starter kitI loved it so much that I am giving a full kit away!!!

When I signed up for this campaign, I have to admit I was intrigued! 

Here's L'Oreal's buzz about the product: 

Give L'Oréal Paris® 4 weeks, and you'll see more lashes!*
Want visibly thicker, fuller bare lashes that look multiplied?
Experience the revolutionary power of L'Oréal Paris' Lash Boosting Technology in a new concentrated serum and two-step mascara.

For Day and Night: L'Oréal Paris® Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum
Apply this serum in the morning underneath your mascara and on bare lashes at night. Lashes will appear thicker and multiplied in just 4 weeks with less lash fall-out when removing make-up.

For Day: L'Oréal® Paris Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara
With a serum-enriched Lash Boosting Primer on one end and an ultra-lengthening mascara topcoat on the other, this Lash Boosting duo builds longer, thicker, fuller lashes day after day. Apply the Lash Boosting Primer first to prep lashes and boost their condition, then apply the Ultra-Lengthening Mascara topcoat for 80% longer lashes instantly.

I was skeptical at first since mascara is always promoted as "building longer, thicker, fuller lashes".  However, I was very pleasantly surprised!  The primer goes on smooth and instantly boots your lashes (and I mean BOOST!) It looks almost as if there are tiny particles in the primer that build, boost and just, wow!  The primer also feels good and doesn't irritate the eyes (I have very sensitive eyes).

On the other end of the mascara is the ultra-lengthening topcoat.  It takes and fully coats the lashes (the primer goes on a bit white).  It separates the lashes a bit and makes those lashes look amazing.  I didn't experience flaking or smudging even though I have allergies and almost always seem to be rubbing my eyes. 

I will be buying this again and again!  

The concentrated "lash boosting serum" is amazing.  It feels so good on your eyes and rubs in completely. I do show a reduced loss of eyelashes.  I haven't yet seen a huge growth of eye lashes as of yet, but it goes on great and has made a difference.  The only con for me is that I don't care for the applicator too much.  For uncoordinated gals like me, it's too easy to poke yourself in the eye (embarrassed lol): especially with the little ones running in and out of the bathroom (and into mom!)

 Anyway, I loved this so much I HAD to share it!  I have to get it out there! LOL  So ladies... I am giving away a FULL 24-hour Lash Boosting System!  Simply enter a nice comment below and I will put your name in a random number generator to draw the winner!  I hope you all love it as much as I do!

 (No, I didn't get paid to say this. I did get to try my sample free but I am open to buzzing my REAL feelings! This is really how I feel!!)


Stacie said...

I'd love to try this! I love your blog's homeschooling resources!!!

CoffeeMom said...

I'm always up for trying new, free things! Put me in the drawing, please!

Lesa McMahon said...

Your blog is so cute. The giveaway is nice, too. :)

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