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Book Nook Review: Cast of Characters by Max Lucado

I received this title as a part of the blogger review network.  I was excited about receiving a Lucado book but this one is a surprise.

This book is a much lighter read than his typical publications.  The sentence structure is short and a bit simplified.  However, I believe he was trying to make it this way for a reason.  This book is about Characters. The cast of characters directly from the pages of scripture. He painted a picture of a real person, with real thoughts and struggles.

I enjoyed the book immensely. The easy reading allowed me to dive right in, even with the kids playing beside me. The characters were captivating, bringing them all that more to life. The simplistic way he writes allows you to become engaged by the story, (even when interrupted often) and the amazing transformation of having the Lord in their lives. Selected, transformed yet still uniquely human.

This is not a book on religious theology. If you are looking for Biblical reiteration, look elsewhere. However, if you want to immerse yourself in what it might have been like to live and struggle with life as a chosen child of the Lord, you won't be disappointed.


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