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Moving to Tennessee from California - Phase 2

Well, its officially official; we are moving (and staying) in Tennessee!  Some of you may think that is an odd thing to say since I have already posted several things about our move across country purely based on faith.  However, I honestly was not sure.

Our initial plan was for me to haul our belongings along with 2 kids, 3 cats, and a 5 gallon bucket of aquarium fish.  But, as you know, plans change!  That wasn't the only time.

We had then planned to have everything shipped out her via freight or have my husband haul it out here two weeks later.  That simply couldn't happen due to time and financial issues, so it was left open to basically "when it happens."

My husband stayed behind to fulfill work commitments which have long past but he is having a hard time walking away from a decent paying position; especially with the economy.

Honestly, with 99% of our belonging still in San Diego and the fact that my Husband still worked out there, visiting only every few months here, made me really question if we were REALLY going to "stay" this move.

However, hubby is on his way with all of our stuff!!  He rented a moving van and will be coming here in just a few days!  It seems much more like we are making the transition to Tennessee to stay. Yay!


Erica said...

That will be nice for you I'm sure, to get more settled, not left wondering.

Diana S. said...

oh yes! I am happy about the finality of it.

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