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Curriculum Review

Here is a great new addition to homeschooling or struggling students!  It's called The Factor Tree and it's basic premise is to offer additional support and practice to elementary school kids from grade K-6 in basic math. 

The Factor Tree allows for parent and child log-ins so you can setup worksheets, review their progress and target their weak spots; they even have a worksheet they generate based on what your child got wrong!  My son especially loves their games, one of which is a timed speed drill.  He loves seeing how fast he can go and how many he can get right! 

Their description from their website says it perfectly:

What makes the Factor Tree so effective?

  • Provides the practice and repetition needed for a child to truly master key math skills
  • Use a skill-adaptive progression algorithm to pinpoint each child’s true skill level
  • Provides parents with helpful reports, metrics and notifications to track their child’s progress
  • Combines a state testing-compliant curriculum, world class educational theories and innovative technology to create a better learning tool
I truly like this program as anytime you can make math mastery FUN is a winner for me.  The only thing I did not love about the site is the navigation. If you have a browser that has a couple add-on search bars, a lot of the navigation cannot be found. (I had to hit F11 to make it workable).   The site is a bit confusing to start and is not intuitively created; there are no arrows or back markers or navigation trees.  It was initially very irritating.  However, it's does get easier once you get past the navigation learning curve.
Regular price for the Factor Tree runs at $20.00 per month for each student, which could get quite pricy if you have a family of homeschoolers using their service.  However, it is a price worth paying if it truly helps foster a love of math in your children.  It is also a much more affordable alternate to onsite match tutors such as Kaplan and the like. The great thing is you can sign up right now with a 14 day FREE trial that does NOT require a credit card to begin!  Visit them direct at The

Disclosure: I received a free 30 day trial as a BuzzAgent to review and share.  The review and opinions are fully mine which are provided without bias.


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