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Warning! Massive Vent Follows...


I have to say, I am so very irritated at the Christian feedback about Bin Laden from some sources. I, a fervent believer and lover of Jesus resoundingly disagree with this whole passivise push that so many Christians so blindly purport! 

Bin Laden's death wasn't some petty payback, this was removal of a still viable, very powerful threat, not just on our country, but the world in large that doesn't follow Muslim law.  Being a believer and follower of Jesus does not mean that we should sit back and let the world steam train over us!! Rebuke when it is called for - Jesus did it himself many times.  If you don't think that defending nations, war and combat is biblical, read the Old Testament (ever read about the life of David?).  Proverbs 21:15 "Justice is a joy to the godly but it terrifies evildoers." & 24:20 "For evil people have no future; the light of the wicked will be snuffed out."

The bible says EVERYWHERE that the Lord our God is unchanging. So tell me, why would it all suddenly change when Jesus came?  Answer is: HE DIDN'T.  There will still be a requirement to bear arms, to stand up, to rebuke and to be ready to defend! Sometimes the best defense IS offense. Until the Lord comes again, this is the facts of the fallen world.

I am so tired of some many Christians proclaiming that we constantly do NOTHING. Just bless and release is allowing further persecution amongst our own believers world wide; its also leading to enactment of laws and school policies that ultimately removed and undermine our rights in our own country. Imagine what it is like if we lay down to the world who loath us? 

Far too many Americans have lived in a cozy cocoon of blindness. IF we do not stand up, bear arms and take action, then we will be conquered or made to live in constant fear of persecution or war.  No, this is NOT a paranoid delusion - this is HISTORY.  Read the Bible for all its worth - not just the sections that appease your passivise heart.

*Update, I want to make it personally known that I do not, nor have I rejoiced at this mans death.

I am not rejoicing that he is dead. It's so sad that men allow their hearts to harden to the point of bringing their hate and death upon the world and that action like this would be necessary.   It is sad but we have free will and his choices were clearly made. *sigh


The Fussell Family said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!! I wholeheartedly agree!!!

Diana S. said...

Thank you so much for your comment! It is wonderful to see that other Christian's agree with my perspective too! :)

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