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Mommy musings

Today has started out fantastic!  I got another egg (#3) from my amerucana chicken (she lays greenish blue eggs!) today, all my critters are safe and sound this morning, I have coffee and creamer, and I slept well even though I keep going to bed far too late.

We also opened a new game we got the kids for Christmas. Its Called  Active Life: Explorer With Mat
 and it is AWESOME!

First of all, it is only $19.99. It comes the game AND a fully interactive controller mat. :crazyb: (I bought it off Amazon simply because of the reviews and the price.)

The game is a BLAST! The graphics are good and it is engaging!  You don't even realize you are working out! (I feel refreshed, invigorated and happy! [well, expect my legs which are wobbly right now hehe])

 Each challenge adds rewards and opens levels for the open play area as well (but we have really only played the full game thus far).

I LOVE that the game can have up to four players! We typically play just two and the boys and I will share since Mason is still young and "shorts out" after a while.  Some of the challenges are harder than others but we had a blast.  For those with a Wii, I cannot recommend it more! :hehe: 

I didn't mean to make that sound like an advertisement or something but it really IS so much fun, I HAD to share it!
*(no, I did not get this for review nor am I encouraged to share the product. I bought it on my own, without incentive)


Erica said...

Ooooo, chickens! One day I hope to have some chickens. Might have to look into the game. Is it too old for a four year old?

Diana S. said...

no, my four year old enjoys it but its not a long playing game for that age... maybe about 30 minutes but he loves it too.

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