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Scheduling blues...

Varying shades of eggs from our girls!
Well, life has been fairly standard. Kickcan Thankfully all critters have been safe, and Sarah is laying her uber cool greenish blueish eggs more frequently.  We've had rain and warmer weather the past couple of days but its grey and 32 today. Not quite cold but for a high today, its a tad bit on the chilly side (especially when yesterday was nearly 60!).

I find that I am missing the bi-weekly karate classes though. Somehow the distraction was nice; it was great to see the kiddos doing their thing, and somehow, adding them to our schedule helped me keep track of time better. When you are in a rural area with just kiddos and yourself, it is much too easy to have a full days weeks fly by without even noticing. I look forward to February when we get to go back!

I STILL need to get my life into a better schedule! The problem is I get all happy and detailed and make this super shiny, magnificent schedule. Jot That alone takes me a couple days. Then I am joyful and proud of my amazing shiny schedule Lovestamp and "take a break" for a couple of days since crafting it was apparently equal to taking on a marathon. Oh_Brother____by_Mirz123

Then I admire said schedule. Marveling at its engineering.. at it's magnificence. Delighting in how genius it is and how it will fix all that is wrong with the world. RowofheartsLovesuper

Finally, the day comes! I am going to IMPLEMENT the schedule! Peanut_Buttr_Jelly_Emote_Dance_by_Mirz123 Initially it works well, but maybe just a bit binding if not "pinchy". A week later I grow weary because the schedule is just not working, but it should! Just a few weeks into it I grow to resent that shiny schedule. It is all that is wrong with the world! Evil and demanding!! MadwifePokeWaiting2

Finally, irritated and resentful I return to the old schedule...comp

I think I will try a somewhat modified version of fly-lady. Not the whole program (I hate shoes!) but I will modify it to make for a more consistent schedule, and to be able to add more FUN to our daily schooling. (I always want to do more fun projects during their day but rarely actually DO it.  I'd also like to add Art as an official subject.)

OR.... do you have any suggestions of something better??  I need it to be free or very nearly free.


Erica said...

Funny thing: when I saw the title in my reader I thought you were talking about having trouble scheduling blue-egg chickens or something! Once I read the post my mind was like "DUH, of course that is what she meant."

Diana S. said...

ROFLOL! I can totally see why - I finally got a picture of those eggs in the beginning. (hehe)

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