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Homeschooling is a GO!

I am so excited! I have been praying and praying over this for so long!

I posted before that I have been struggling with outside forces on if we should continue with homeschooling or send our oldest to kindergarten for the upcoming school year.

I have been having a hard time since we have friends who's kids are going to the local school we were considering. It would be so cool to have our children all starting school together and at the same time! Plus, we have older friends kids who are already attending the same school, but a grade (or three) higher. My husband was leaning more toward this initially as well and it seemed exciting.

However, I couldn't shake the heart felt feelings that I was supposed to be gearing up for homeschooling Kindergarten instead of gearing up for getting him to school. I would get excited about the upcoming orientations and such but my heart would hurt; a nagging, deep feeling that this was not the right path. Over and over I struggled with this.

I lifted my concerns and thoughts about this in endless prayer (and blog posts LOL); asking the Lord to convict my heart (and my husbands as well!). How foolish was I praying for this; my heart was already beyond convicted... I just had to listen!!

Then was my doubt seeping in yet again (do I ever learn?)... what if my husband wouldn't go for it? We had a good run with preschool, but that was preschool. I was honestly afraid to tell him of my decision!

So yesterday DH was with us at lunch out as he was preparing for last minute departure for a job out of town. I blurted out that I have been praying about it and rambled reasons and thoughts and prayers all out LOL. He looked at me like "What!?" I re-explained it to him, and he said "Okay, as long as you think you can take this on". And that was that!

God not only convicted my heart (over and over again!) he also answered my prayers for my husbands heart as well! Praise the Lord for answered prayers and patience for dense souls LOL!!

So our Kindergarten year is going to be homeschooled! I am looking into curriculum options now so we'll see how it goes!! I am nervous but convicted!! Thank you Lord!


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