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going "a little bit Crunchy?"

Well I have to admit, I have always been the first to say "no" to cloth diapers: I felt they had their place but they didn't really need to take over as the main staple of diaper usage.

Ah but my second son has had some seriously bad rashes for disposables and we've been using the small cloth diaper set a dear girlfriend sent us for Zander, for some time now.

Both of my boys drink insane amounts during the day and subsequently, have always had issues with too much wetness and blow outs. After Mason turned two this Feb. something switched in his awareness. He knows that he's "pee-peeing" [uh oh, pEE pee] which is his term for either movement.

Unfortunately, his sensation awareness is AFTER so it's not time to be diaper free just yet. LOL That brings back to cloth diapers. Since Mason's so aware and he goes so much now, we've been blowing through diapers so much that it's getting out of control.

Financially, errand-ally, environmentally... the works. It seemed I was always going to walmart for wipes or diapers since they are our closest store. I finally grew fed up when we went through a 44 pack of diapers in four days time!

Sooo, I have been in process of getting the diapers that we got for Zander into play again. I have also been making my own (well, I've made two so far). I did a little splurge today and bought a brand new Happy Heiney from a wonderful local woman's store here at Her customer service was fast a lighting and the product quality is amazing! So I am now the proud owner of a new cover (for older, different styles given to us) and a new Happy Heiney (sp?) as well. LOVE THEM!!!

Tonight I intend to set down and make more diaper inserts and doublers. Mason just kills me how fast he wet through things!!!

I have to say too... I can see how these could get SO ADDICTING! LOL The patterns, different companies, colors, liners.... thankfully the Lord has given us just we need - se we cannot afford to jump into THOSE waters. LOL I am getting nearly as excited creating a perfect pattern and doing the inserts... finding the perfect pul fabric, at the perfect price. And sewing... it's what I get to do when the kids go to bed and I just LOVE it.!!!


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