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to homeschool or not to homeschool... the burning question

My youngest is growing ever closer to the Kindergartner age and I waiver back and forth over this issue.

I have been homeschooling him for his preschool. He's done fantastically. In fact, he can already read some!! He knew the phonetic alphabet by age 2.5... He is thriving and learning at home.

But then I doubt myself. Would he do better in a standard setting? Personally, I think not.

Over and over I am convicted that he belongs in the place that he is thriving. That is with me. He gets plenty of socialization from playgroups, church, and soon, sports as well. I have been feeling pressured from outside sources that have made me doubt my judgment so today, I am placing my reasons for homeschooling here. Hopefully it will help me fall back when I get doubtful, and it may help someone who stumbled across our humble little spot in cyber-space.

My reasons for homeschooling:
  • The CA school mandates in education are not in alignment with our believes
  • My children are more kinetic learners and traditional education may stifle them
  • I fear for the safety of my kids in public schools (from outsiders as well as their peers)
  • CA state legislation essentially states that enrollment in their schools effectively gives the state complete control and custody of your children. They are not required to provide notification of questionable teachings nor are they required to provide OR uphold "opt out" notices.
  • That same legislation states that you effectively give the state the responsibility to raise your kids. In other words, you essentially give away your own parental rights when you turn to the state. This is not propaganda or scare tactics... I have read the court battles and the subsequent rulings to prove it. Scary, scary stuff!
  • I want my children's education to include traditional education but also a deep love and knowledge of the bible.
  • I want to teach my children about charity, volunteerism, helping your neighbors as well as character traits like Jesus. Not just by text but by hands-on, active involvement.
  • I like the flexibility of homeschooling. We can teach by delight which helps encourage a life long love of learning.


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