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role models

I must admit, I love blogging mommies! I find a great deal of leadership in local Christian mommies but bloggers are sometimes more raw and real.

I Especially love bloggers in Christian based families, walking by faith. I find that I look to the Duggars or large families for inspiration; but sometimes I truly struggle with their ability to be so NICE all the time.

Do they ever loose their tempers? Do they yell? I know *I* do. I yell more than I'd like. I get overwhelmed sometimes by the constant demands, yelling, screaming tantrums and senseless destruction. (sigh) Maybe it's just the young boy equation... I dunno. But I LOVE reading blogs and books with moms of grace who are already WAY beyond where I am and what I want to be.

BUT they sometimes make me lost. Right now, I cannot be them. I don't have the family past to reflect upon (very nearly zero family support as we live hundreds of miles away from them) and when things get tough I often feel lost. Plus I used to feel like I was stupid for praying for such "menial" things.

However one thing hit me one night as I said this in prayer "Lord I am lost. My schedule isn't where it needs to be. I seem to always be behind. I know that I am given more time than I am using, but I feel SO STUPID bringing these mundane issues of nothing to you."

It was then I felt the Lord speak to me. It was "these are not issues that are mundane to me (Jesus). Your struggles and pain are His struggles and pain. Do not under-estimate the difficultly of your job. It may be mundane on repetition levels but it is more important than any other job you would've been doing now. Rest in Me (The Lord) and never stop praying. Nothing is mundane or unworthy!"


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