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Effexor Withdrawl and How to Treat it

Continued from post below....

I had already begun to stagger the Effexor XR after our initial exposure to running out. I would take a dose a day, and then skip a day. Initially it was hard. I got those electric shocks and the dizziness and detachment but only JUST a WEE bit.

After a week or so, my body adjusted to the every other day dosage and I did just fine. However, I continued to see those packets dwindle and I knew we didn't have the money. I also did not like having this dependency on a medication that was so strong it was like an addiction.

After about a month I stepped it up a notch. I would take a dose and then not take another until I JUST started the electric shocks withdrawal. (sometimes two days, sometimes three) Then I would take another Effexor XR. I repeated this until I ran out; about another month's time.

As I said, I prayed a great deal during this time. I saw those packets slowly running on empty. On night I was sleepless, full on anxiety and overwhelmed. It was around 3AM when I felt convicted to go online.

There was very little help. Most of it told me to switch to another medication. (sigh, not an option with no money!) But I DID run across one board with a possibility. One that I truly believe the Lord lead me to.

The board was full of complaints, misery, withdrawals and irritation. Most people who posted things that did help was just a tiny amount or cold turkey. But ONE post stood out at me. There were all kinds of negative responses to it and medical warnings all over it. But I felt convicted;
So I tried it.

First of all, do not take this as a replacement to medical care - always discuss changes in your medication with your doctor first. I am not a licensed physician! If he/or she give you clearance then...

Step down your medication like I did (I didn't even know it was a step LOL I did it out of desperation!). Use all of your medication until you run out.

Now get yourself the following supplements
  • Omega-3 Fish oil soft gels in 1000 mg.
  • St. John's wort 150mg
  • Vitamin B complex 100mg
I know, it doesn't sound like it will ever work. I felt the same way but I it was cheap (got them at walmart) and I needed something to help me through it. Plus, I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit (which always helps! LOL).

My initial dosages...

  • To start off, I took 2 fish oil gels (supposedly helps with mind shocks as well as the fogginess associated with Effexor XR withdrawal).
  • I took 2 st. john's wort (said to help with emotional balance, tranquility and positive moods)
  • 1 vitamin b complex (multi-B Vitamin Complex they provide powerful nutritional support to the nervous system which is directly related to how we handle stress and also to brain function, from cognitive development and maintenance to memory and mental focus.)
I took them once a day at the same time, without fail, every single day. To my amazement, it worked!!! And it worked well!!! I am now Effexor XR FREE! I did have some very, VERY minor withdrawals initially with this routine but it was bearable. The shocks were mind and random instead of all the time, and it really seemed to level out my anxiety, fogginess, etc.

Now, I am on this daily and beyond the Effexor, I take the following...
  • 1 omega-3 fish oil gel
  • 1 st. john's wort
  • 1 vitamin b complex
  • 1 sam-e supplement
I added the sam-e for overall balance and well being. I do notice an additional result and will continue to take it for those reasons. It can easily be usurped if you don't have the desire or money for it.

I pray that my open posting about this struggle will reach everyone who is struggling with Effexor XR withdrawal symptoms. I pray it will empower you to move on and be free as well!!


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