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Our homeschool

Here is Zander on his first official day of school! He is enjoying an educational game that his math curriculum has available on-line for free! He loves it and has no idea he is "doing math"

This year we are doing McGraw-Hill Mathematics and so far, really enjoy it!
I love that it has on-line games. Zander actually asks "Momma, Can I do math now?"
So far, we are so loving homeschooling! The flexibility is so awesome!! 

Zander was able to go out of town with his daddy for TWO full days just to spend time with him.  Of course, "schooling" was abound. Zander learned what his daddy did while he was out of town, as well as how he estimates. 

He showed him how to he calculated miles, how to read a map, schedules and responsibilities. He showed him the topography and how he used geometry to get the correct results for estimating.  Who says learning must be in a classroom!!
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