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Angel Foods Distribution day!

Today was Angel Foods Distribution day! My second month and second distribution as well.

The first date ended up with a few pickup kinks; one person ordered 2 and only picked up one so I ended up delivering it to them. I also learned that 11:00 was way too early for me to have enough time to drive up, pick up the food, get back, off-load it by myself (while containing the boys) and get it organized and ready in time for people to come in. I had nearly everyone waiting for me!!

Okay, so today I had scheduled to AFM food to be picked up from Noon-1:00pm so I will have more than enough time to get it picked up, organized and ready for pickup. BUT of course, I ran into trouble.

Our Durango is on its last leg. The CV boot at the four wheel drive junction is in need of repair. (We click rather loudly as we accelerate. Think; going up a roller coaster... but we never get to ride DOWN! ).

There is a hole in some of the seals for the power steering which causes it to leak power steering fluid. I am CONSTANTLY refilling it. Literally every day I drive it now. Of course, this has caused problems to the rack and pinon steering so that has to be replaced now too.

As if that weren't enough; the Durango has been having something that makes it smell like it's overheating lately. But the gages haven't read anything so I've just added antifreeze/coolant when I add the power steering fluid. Well yesterday I was "joyfully presented" with a full blown coolant leak. DH tried to order the replacement part only to find it is a special order. We had AFM delivery so I had to try with a patch he made. It didn't work.

We ended up overheated in a target parking lot. He had to come get us, go pick up the food with us, off load and high tail it back to an active jobsite he was running!

So... AFM delivery. We are at the church and already presented with THREE people waiting for us!! ANd we were over 1/2 hour EARLY!!

I am crazy tired and there is STILL food to swap and deliver tomorrow because some people couldn't make it AND we were UNDER stocked for 1 box and OVER stocked for another. They missed a veg. box completely so I have to go way back up again to swap it out and then deliver it all..

Hard, tiring, frustrating, yet; I look forward to doing the Lord's will for me next month!!!

I am overjoyed that the Lord has given me this ministry. It makes my heart sing to see other families, like my own, who really just need a blessed bargain to help them better balance that budget! I love that the Lord has given me a way to server my community, my friends and family, as well as teach my children the importance of giving, putting others first, commitment, gifts of time and value of giving. Not to shabby really. Praise your name Lord Jesus! I welcome the next set of challenges for next month for with you, I KNOW I will succeed!!!


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