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Welcome Fall

Ah praise the Lord! We are FINALLY getting a bit of a hint that it is AUTUMN! LOL  It's been so incredibly hot lately that if felt like fall temperatures would never come!  This past week push that hot wind out and in came cooler days, nights with a slight chill, and my heart song!!  I adore cooler weather!  Some of the deciduous tress are starting to loose their leaves... ahhh I rejoice in the day the Lord has made!

We have continued in our journey with our charter school home schooling adventure as well.  It's been a bit of a struggle for me to find the balance between two companies, school time, school outings, Church and family time IN addition to Angel Foods, and Zander just started soccer and Awana's!!  Add to that a delightful Christian Mom's group and a home school co-op and whew!  I am feeling oh so swirly! LOL 

I trust in the Lord and lift my burdens upon him.  I know that the Lord will lead me to where I need to be. It just takes time and patience.  I already see my schedule starting to get it where we need to be.  Baby steps! LOL


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