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Frugal Bulletin Boards

When we started homeschooling I excitedly went out looking for white board or chalk board or a bulletin board.  However, when I got into the marketplace I was shocked at the prices of these!

 We have a playroom / school room where we spend a lot of our time and I really wanted some areas of focus for our studies as well as a place to have fun seasonal art work or themes. Not to be daunted, I started looking at affordable alternatives.  Well, at the educational supply store, I found the alternative!

Take yourself a blank wall like above.  Then get yourself  TWO LARGE science project cardboard units, like I have pictured.  It folds on two sides and a bit tricky but it's worth it!
Now, I am no perfect carpenter! But this is how I hung them. 

First, I took a hammer and three nails. I nailed in one of the nails in the middle of the first panel.
I let it rock until it found its center (you can also use a level, but I couldn't find ours).  I then hammered in the remaining nails.

As you see from the picture, the first panel is up. I have nailed it into the wall and pulled out the second panel. 

We have old plaster walls so the nails do NOT hold it for use.  I place it to get it level and to mark my place in the wall.

Here you see me placing both panels up together in line, and hung with the temp. nails.

Now, I pulled out my screwdriver, dry wall anchors and screws.  I pulled out the nails and popped the anchors in their previous holes.

Then it was just a simple technique to hold the panels (together) and screw them together, into the wall!

Here you can see that there are TWO panels together.

This is to make sure you have enough padding to use staples or thumbtack!

Full hung with anchors and screws.  I threw a nail in the middle as it seemed to bow a bit that bugged me LOL

Typically, this won't be seen once you are finished as the boards will be covered with craft paper or art work. ;)
Finally, here is our fun fall pumpkin finished board. Ready for use and good to go~!

Here is another board I made. Completely done including colored craft paper and adornment artwork.

It cost me a total of $10.00 for each board! Great bargain and so easy to do too~!


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