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Book Nook: Review

I have just recently had the joy of joining Tyndale House publishers are a blogging reviewer.  I feel so blessed to be offered with some amazing books just for my opinions (and it's my true opinions they will get LOL)

I just joyfully received Devotions for Lent from the Mosaic Holy Bible and I have to share!  First of all, they sent me TEN copies!!  So that means... GIVE AWAY!

Anyway, back to the book LOL...

I really loved the book concept; it's compact and great to take with you. However, that is also what I don't love about it.  The books it almost too small to read easily: the print is very tiny.

Putting the print size aside, the content is really great.  Even though we are already in the midst of the Lent season, it is a great devotional for anytime self reflection.  I just jumped in from the day I got it.

When you first open the book you  are greeted with a "how to" section that quickly moves into the individual day devotion.  The devotions center around a theme (for instance; Identifying Discontent) and works to weave that theme into each day of that week in an effort to draw your life closer in parallel to the Lord.

This devotional provides a personal thought for the day along with suggested biblical reading, as most devotionals do.  However, what makes it unique is that the book actually has the weekly suggested reading in the back of the book (NIV) so there is no need to take a bible with you.

In addition, "Devotions for Lent" also provides historical quotations and a meditation section from outside authors, which adds additional insights that work into that days theme.  Most days even offer a line area to put your own thoughts, reflections, meditations or prayers. The book is designed to be used in many different applications and it delivers

"Devotions for Lent" is a compact, affordable book that is convenient, well thought out, and insightful. Pick yourself up a copy today, or WIN ONE HERE!  Just enter a comment below!


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