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Joyous abandon in the Lord

This morning I was sent an email with links to

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I ventured onto Godtube for a bit and came across the video I attached.  The song is moving and beautiful.  I couldn't resist raising my hands to the Lord and singing along in Joyful adoration.  But as I watched the video I was touch by something more.  Kids were in attendance lifting hands and singing right alongside the adults! 

This really moved me!  In fact, emotional ol' me was brought to tears (happy tears!).  It reminded me of why I homeschool and the Spirit moved within me.  HERE on this video, right before my eyes was the embodiment of all of my dreams.  One day, to see my children saved, baptized of course, but to see my children's hearts recklessly abandoning their lives, love and worship to the Lord! 

Thank you Lord for refocusing my heart today.  Sometimes the sameness of life, especially with my own ineptitudes, I completely loose focus.  I joyously see how important those sweet little boys are to me and I will act accordingly. ~amen

I was just so happy we headed off to do errands and to (surprise) the boys by going to Wal-Mart and getting them a swimming pool!  Here we are, two Targets and one Wal-mart later... we have blown up the pool and we are all excitedly waiting to jump right in!! 


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