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Big changes on the horizon...

We are going though some incredibly big changes here very soon.  I cannot completely elaborate yet but, for us, this is HUGE!

Why so huge?  Well for one, it's a LOT of work. Enormous really and I had completely forgotten how much work it is.  It is an enormous leap of faith for us.  We are trusting in the Lord with all of our hearts that this is His will.  We've been praying about it for such a long time and it seems like this is the time.  Of course, with that comes all that natural struggle and doubt.  I feel like I've been praying endlessly lately (well on this subject anyway).

We are also starting our homeschool for Zander's second year and Mason's first year of pre-schooling.  He's ready I think.  That is another change for us.

No more charter school. Complete change in curriculum, and record keeping. This Tuesday we will start our homeschool year with a back to school party with some fellow Christian mommy's and kids, which neither of my boys know about.  I am excited about that surprise! LOL

I wish I could elaborate further on the big changes but I will be able to share soon enough. Stay tuned. Your prayers are coveted for His will in our lives, His convictions, and provisions.

Thank you! :) Night...


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