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new beginnings

It's truly new beginnings here at the Sullivan home. We had our Back to (home) School party yesterday, and today, we started school officially. New beginning with school!

We did a very minor day today, to ease us back into the feel and swing. I hadn't wanted to take the full summer off, but the best of intentions.... (sigh) LOL. We are doing preschool and 1st grade this year. I am continuously amazed at how they pick things up. Sometimes it takes weeks and then a light goes on. (ding!) NOW he gets it. I wonder, is that the same way the Lord works with us too?

If so, I think I am personally going though a growth spurt. These changes on the horizon have me in a constant state of flux. First I am excited, then terrified, then determined, and prayerful. Despite my prayers, I have been feeling frustrated, doubtful and depressed. I keep second guessing if this is the Lord's will.

I am not sure if other out there feel the same way, but I often feel like I am fumbling around in the dark. On one hand, most of the signs point to going forward. We have been told that this is what we need to do, by many people, (many whom I wouldn't have ever thought would say it).

I've prayed about it and prayed that the Lord take the convictions from me if this is not His will. I do NOT want to take this adventure if it is NOT his absolute WILL. Well, now I am wondering, "Is it His will?".

Two major components of this adventure continually keep falling though. Is this the Lords will for us to do this blindly, just jump and trust in Him? We've already set this into motion and I am not at all sure.

Please lift us in your prayers! thank you.


Joy Parker said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I visited you today. I love your set up. I have a friend who is a beginner homeschooler. I will be sending her to visit also.

Dianna said...

You are so kind Joy! Thank YOU for visiting me here today! :)

I look forward to your friend swinging by. I hope my site would really help her out. I am here for any questions too! :)

Joy Parker said...

I can't find my reply to your comment:) I'm not very savy on the computer. Feel free to link up and copy anything that you want to. I will be adding you to my Homeschooling page if that is ok with you.

Dianna said...

I'd be delighted to have you add me! :)

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