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If you haven't seen the previous posts, we have had huge change looming on the horizon! The journey to this point has been incredibly difficult on me. I never realized how much of a "control freak" I actually am!

It's been my season to learn to fully learn and trust in the Lord with all my heart. I've had to fully surrender all my fears and my unknowns. I have been in and out of such anxiety - I felt like I might go crazy! LOL

But the deadline looms. In just 8 days we will all be finalizing the packing of our entire life here in California and... moving to Tennessee!

Why is this a huge leap of faith your ask? Well, aside from said "control issues" LOL...
  • We are moving across country, to a state I have never even DRIVEN though, let alone visited.
  • We are moving away from decades of relationships, dear friends and neighbors to a place with only my husband's brother's family nearby (my family does live about 4 hours from there though)
  • The house we are moving to I have seen NOTHING of except the outside (via google maps none the less) (hubby's brother saw it and said "Its a standard rental property but it'll be fine for now". and nothing more! ahhh! )
  • The kids and I are moving out there alone for now. Just us, with a 21 foot trailer. Two young kids and me... an older durango.. and of course, the Lord.
  • We have yet to secure a new job out there. Interviews have happened but nothing in stone yet.
Oddly though, I mostly feel at peace about it all. I am stressed with the enormity of the moving and packing, but not with the move itself. It's crazy!! If not for the Lord Jesus, I know that this would not at all be possible. With tons of prayer and supplication... we are off! wheeeeeee LOL


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