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oh the perpetuity!

This will be our first move in about seven years. I have long forgotten just how much stuff a small family accumulates! The packing, purging, and organization seems to stretch on into perpetuity!

I have just five days to finish this monolithic task and today has is out of the house getting the vehicles ready.

Our first stop today was for me to get the.neighbor to move her car so I could gain access to the gigantic 21+ foot flatbed trailer. Then came the learning curve. I have never hooked up a trailer, let alone a monstrous one lol.

Ugh just one call to eh, and we were off! This stop was to drop off the trailer to get two new tires installed. That turned into a longer and more expensive journey as the two back tires were not salvageable.:(

Then we headed to uncle Mike' s mechanic shop to have a sensor replaced. Now we are finally at jack in the box, cooling off after a very hot long walk from the shop. Lol.

Oh and another fun fact, I am blogging on my Droid phone. Technology is soooo cool. Heheh
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