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We are finally here!

Our cross country journey has come to fruition (at least partly). It's been a struggle at best but I always felt the Lord with me.

This is the beginning of my journey. I was supposed to start packing the house at this point but could no longer put off the issues with the toilet. It was an old one that had calcification that just would not seem to clear out. So, instead of packing and purging I...

‎ not so joyfully learning how to remove and install a brand new toilet system with just me, myself and I. UGH. Can I do it, yes I can!
20 September at 15:27
I did it! I did it!!! With a little prayer and a lot of patience I rocked that toilet!!!!(there's something I didn't think I'd ever say! LOL) EVIL ancient toilet - GONE!

Awesome, frugal BRAND NEW toilet - bought, installed and working BEAUTIFULLY!

(<---new toilet fully operational; purchased and installed by ME! hehe)


That was the start of the delays. The journey grows harder... but not without the occassional victory and praises to the Lord....

<--- got sooo much done today! I feels wonderful!!! I've got more to do tomorrow but I'll take my moment to relish in today's victory. hehehe
24 September at 20:44

Diana Sullivan Thank you "Michael, Michael" (Mason's way of saying "uncle Michael")! We really appreciate your hard work today! :)
24 September at 22:44

Diana Sullivan ‎101 degrees?! seriously!!? Yuck! It looks like a lot of work will have to be done later tonight. *sigh*
25 September at 18:32

Its 107 on my patio! The weather is my enemy this weekend!! Its KILLING my productivity! Time is finite and I just cannot work in the heat. Praying for cool weather this week!!!!
26 September at 15:28

is HOT, tired and stressed out. Thank goodness for a nice soaking bath.
26 September at 23:51

Are you HOT!? It feels like this is our forecast for today. Refer Friday's forecast. Yeah, that me. NOW, try to pack and load your whole house, by yourself, in that heat.

Yes, I am cranky, No I am not happy. I'd rather load in the pouring rain or snow! :(

27 September at 13:58

just got stung by a bee. :( Sigh. It's not my day LOL
27 September at 19:14

Thank you Lord! Today is a bit humid, but so much cooler and overcast!!! My bee sting itches but isn't horribly intolerable and, although I woke up with a cold, I am happy to start THIS day! Praise your name Lord Jesus!
28 September at 12:47

too much to do! ack!
28 September at 18:15

what is going on lately!? Here we are on the precipice of taking a huge leap of faith in just a few days time. This week I've experienced so much!
-a oppressive heat wave seemingly out of the blue
-all KINDS of costs I did not budget for!
-stung by something
-woke up this morning feeling sick and I'm still sick.
...-got out of the shower only to find that sting has morphed into a huge festering swollen hot mess.
-NOW I am sitting, eating soup and just turned on the tv. !!!!! KA BOOM!!!!! The whole house shakes earthquake style! Lights flicker... the works!
No, it wasn't an earthquake.

28 September at 22:53

OH AND! It seems the giant branch from tree ALSO took out my neighbor's whole power grid and seemingly set their tv's to ash. Now I am surrounded by firefighters, nosy neighbors, and heartsick friends next door!!!
28 September at 22:55

Is feeling amazingly blessed that we did not get injured last night and that we have been spared from the electric issues my poor neighbor is suffering. They had zero electric and had to stay in a hotel last night!
29 September at 10:55


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