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Book Review: Rumble! Zap! Pow!: Mighty Stories of God

Rumble! Zap! Pow!: Mighty Stories of God is a clever way to bring an engaging "comic book" style bible-study to kids. The book is colorful, engaging and just fun. In fact, when I received it, I wanted to review it before I turned it over to the kids but I ended up having to FIGHT the kids off of it!The adventure, comic book style is perfect for my boys. I would often find them curled up in front of this book rather than watching cartoons! The whoosh, bang, boom is engaging to boys and the colors are bright and inviting. The book is a fun way to bring biblical concepts to young kids who may have not been interested otherwise.
Rumble! Zap! Pow!: Mighty Stories of God covers basic biblical topics such as "God made the world, God rescues, God is in Charge" and so on. It could be a fantastic means to us as a homeschooling Bible curriculum to the younger kids as the book has memory verses and a crafty activity at the end of each area.
The only potential cons I could see is not a true bible which some may mistake as such. It is a bit light on content but I could see this as just part one to a series of these type of books, each centered around additional biblical stories. It retails for only $12.99 but is often available for less at or B&

FYI: I have had the pleasure of being a blogging reviewer for Tyndale publishers for a while now and I love it! They offer free copies of various books to review - I take this seriously and only review honestly, regardless if the copies are free. :)


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