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Back to Normal (?)

I am finally back from my hiatus. We have been settling down and finding a life and rhythm here in the country town of Woodbury, Tennessee.

We moved from San Diego, CA, so there was a lot of things to get adjusted to. I realized that, although I really disliked a great deal about Southern California, I was also spoiled with many things. For one, we have had to get adjusted to driving here. A lot. of driving.

In San Diego, everything is within 20-30 minutes. EVERYTHING. Do you crave Mexican food? Drive around the corner and select your favorite from 12 different places. Want entertainment? Vast selections are a walk away. It is different in Woodbury. There are things to do and places to eat, just significantly less.

The people are different as well; friendly, open and conversational. I talk to strangers now. (hehe)

I adore the weather (we HAVE weather now). We have had snow and rain, sun and warmth, and wind and potential tornadoes. It gets cold. I love it but it has made us adjust. The yard has nothing in it so the kids tend to stay inside more often. THAT is a major difference from our old life.

We have found our rhythm in homeschooling and become informed and enrolled with the homeschool laws here as well. I am hoping now I will have enough time to get back, updating the free homeschooling resources page, and the blog as well!

All in all, I ADORE Woodbury and Tennessee in general. We are beyond blessed to get to live here!


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