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Learning about the men that surround us

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband. We have been together for 15 years now and counting! However, in all this time, we still struggle to "understand" each other.

Too many times we bicker over t trivial things that seem to tie into the very "manly way of thinking". I scarcely think that I am alone in that. Women and Men just don't seem to "get" each other much too often.

I have enjoyed books that have given me insight into the manly mind that I have enjoyed which have actually help our relationship. Given the insight into the male mind gives me a perspective I really need to understand him. I've enjoyed books like "the proper care and feeding of husbands" and "men are made from waffles and women are made of spaghetti". I was really excited however, when I saw a new book out from Thomas Nelson.

As a blogging member of the Thomas Nelson review, I was excited to see a book on this very topic. I picked it up and jumped right in! What I love the most is that they are offering a free preview into the book! So often I pick up a book that sounds like what I was looking for, only to find that it wasn't what I wanted at all!

Check out this latest book here. Hopefully it will bless you and your marriage just as much as it has mine!



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