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I was just reviewing my little piece of the web here today. I wanted to see the direction I wanted to go and what I needed to do more. I was actually surprised to see how many book reviews I have here LOL.

I want to share with you all that I will probably keep having book reviews. The major reason is simple; I love books. I love reading. I read as often as I get a chance, often reading in the car waiting on kids or in lines, just so I have time to read!

If I were to take off my reviews I feel like I would be taking a big part of me away. Books are a major part of my life and our homeschool. I thought I would start sharing more of my homeschool and kids books maybe. I also plan on giving away a lot more books that we are done with.

Once we get the rest of our stuff shipped out to us (eta March!) I will be doing more unit studies and fun activities as a part of our homeschooling. I hope to share those moments with you all much more. We've had our hands tied a bit due to the move, and lack of 99.9% of our belongings. We've mostly been working out of workbooks and the internet.

Part of that is a relief. We have been just getting school done most days so the days are much more open for free time. Getting together, planning and setting additional items to the homeschool takes a lot more time. In the long run, we are going to have to do more of these fun things or its going to get dull and more like a chore.

I do know I will be posting more pictures as we are FINALLY getting a new camera! I cannot wait for it to get here!

I guess I am rambling. Honestly, I am not perfectly sure where to take the blog. If you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see more of, please be sure to drop me a line! I have lots of freebies to give away, so I will be drawing winners from your posts or emails!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts! :)


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