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Book Nook: "Couples Who Pray" review

When I got "couples who pray" I was so excited! I really wanted to delve deeper into scripture and to grow and encourage my husband.  However, the book is very light on content; dare I say, shallow?

I did find it interesting to share in anecdotal stories from celebrities but even their stories were oddly lacking depth. The authors took a lot of time show-casing the statistics of praying as a couple which I am not sure it really provided any further depth or encouragement.

However, the glaring omission on a book on prayer, was the overt lack of scriptural references. The authors offered the occasional quote but the vast majority of them were not from scripture. If you are writing a book on praying, shouldn't scripture take center stage?  It IS possible to write engaging prose while quoting the Bible.

I was also disappointed to see that the vast majority of the book was "the 40 day prayer challenge." Don't get me wrong; the addition is nice, but it really is the book. The "book" portion of "Couples Who Pray" is almost like a short, shallow introduction.

Overall, it's not a bad book, the anecdotal stories are fund and the "40 day prayer challenge" included is a fantastic guide to set you and your spouse on your way to praying together.  It's just a bit light on content.


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