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Homeschool Confession

I have a confession to make... I am not content with my homeschool. There, I said it!  I got it out! (whew!)

Honestly, these past 6 months have really been a trial on our family as a whole. The trip cross country, from California to Tennessee, having my husband stay behind to fulfill his commitments to his job, leaving 99% of our household and finally coordinating getting our belongings out here completely, has exhausted me mentally and physically. 

Attempting to get settled, finding a Church, and adjusting to life here has had its own unique set of challenges as well.  However, I don't want this to be a complaint session... truly I feel like the Lord lead us here and the challenges are just a part of the journey. 

However, the discontentment is still there, eating at me. The biggest reason for discontent is the fact that 1) we left 99% of our curriculum behind and had to scramble to put something together here 2) the library system is so woeful in comparison to what we used to have in San Diego.

I do really love our math (Math-U-See), Handwriting (A Reason for Handwriting B), and Language Arts (Explode the Code, ClickN Kids online phonics).  However, our science is severely lacking, as is our History/Social Studies.  It's not lacking in CONTENT but rather, in hands-on, fun, interactive and memorable lessons like we did last year.  It feels like we are in workbooks too much. The kids are retaining little in the science and history area and I am frustrated!

We don't really have the money to purchase yet another book or curriculum for this year, although I technically could buy something else. Plus,  I am about 90% sure I am going to go with "My Father's World" curriculum for next year. 

But here's my problem; I find myself constantly searching for something to help make the other subjects better, so I am constantly searching at the library and online. I am making unit studies for each subject and become a printing fool.  But it all feels so disjointed.  *I* feel disjointed. 

So the questions I am struggling with is; should I buy the MFW 2nd grade curriculum NOW and begin using it even though the school year isn't over yet?  Should I buy something else?  Do something else?  I honestly do not know!   I would like to get back to being happy (both the kids and I ) with our homeschooling. Thus is my quandary.


Erica said...

I can't really be much help since I'm not really homeschooling yet, but I just wanted to encourage you! If it would make those subjects more enjoyable, I don't see a problem with starting it now. Maybe if it was something that interested the kids they would retain it, right?

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