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Mommy Musings - An Update

Hello Blogger Friends!

Today really feels joyful to me!  I have started on Weight Watchers this week and so far, doing really well.  I know that a lot of people are irritated that they switched to the Points Plus program in November; virtually making all of their previous purchases obsolete, at least to some extent.

But I like it.  Yes, I have the entire program from before, complete with the fast food books and multiple sliders for point calculations. Yes, I had to buy some of the stuff over again.  HOWEVER, this program is awesome!  I am SUCCEEDING where I failed before. I am eating BETTER than I did before, healthier and more food as well.

Let me share with you why it seems to be working better.  For one, they changed the daily points calculation so you now have more points to eat in a day. They also upped the bonus points too.  The catch you may ask?  Well, a lot of the foods went up in points as well.
This is GOOD for a couple of reasons.

First of all, having 34 points to eat is mentally much more attainable than say, 18.  18 seems stiffling, impossible, sooo limiting. Let me OUT of my 18! Give me FOOD! I need to EAT.
Of course, that's all in your mind but that really doesn't matter if its working against you.

Second, they have now allow nearly ALL FRUITS and VEGGIES (aside from starchy food like peas, carrots, potatoes;).  For me, this is HUGE! Fruits and veggies are healthy, energizing, filling(!) and delicious.  I find that I joyfully log and look at my points now!  (Now, you can't go crazy, eating 10 pounds of grapes in one day, if you are going to loose weight. They assume you are going to be conscious of your portion sizes. )

I am a grazer naturally so being able to pick up an apple or eat a mango with the kids is amazing to me.  Now I feel like I have "all these points" to eat and I don't even need them because I have my fruits and veggies! Hurray! (lol) 

The other reason I like it is the CONTENT of the food is now weighted in the points, not just calories. So fat, fiber, carbs and protein are all weighted. It makes for a healthier diet over all, especially since I do not prefer pre-made foods or the like. :)

I am also happy because I just got a glider elliptical type exercise machine for only $30 dollars!.  If you've ever seen the Tony Little Gazelle glider advertised then you know what I got.  It is so much fun!  It's easy but it does pack a punch.

So far, so good!  I am loving progress forward without the hunger hardship!


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