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Happy Valentines Day!

This year, Valentines Day is more difficult than most; is still hard at work in California, tying up obligations and commitments for a few more months yet. It is hard on all of us. I try to trust in the Lord and lean on His understanding rather than my own in times like these. It took a huge leap of faith to obey and move out here, I just have to be patient and know that He is God. :)

This morning, we got up and I presented each of my children with small boxes of chocolate. Zander, being the sensitive soul he is, was initially joyful but also upset because I didn't get anything. I began to explain to him the greatest gift is Love and having them, the love of the Lord and of their Dad was more than enough for me. This lead us into verses that share the Lord and His love.
So what did we do today? We decided to SHARE that Love with our neighbors. Zander got hard to work hand writing on his little kiddie Valentines day cards. Mason got the lollipops out and I printed out a sheet of Bible verses on Love.

We cut out the verses and attached them to the little valentines cards. Then placed a yummy organic lollipop on them with a pretty ribbon. 

Then we were off!  We went door-to-door to share the Love of the Lord on the day of Love. It was fun and kinda like trick or treating; only we were the ones giving away the goodies! 

The only problem we ran into was that nearly nobody was home!  So next time, we'll move something like this to around 5pm. hehee 

Over all, it was a fun experience. The kids had a great time and got to testify in a easy fun way, and the neighbors (who were home) loved it. 

Oh and I thought I would share with you the Valentine's Day Bible verses we used.  It's a MS Word .doc.  Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!


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