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Amazing Moments

Our oldest is officially baptized!
I had a wonderful group of friends with us and we all felt surrounded by warmth and love Sunday.

When it was time for the baptism, I took Zander into the back room and changed clothes. I SO wish I had brought a camera into the back chamber... he was very small for the people to see from the front and the best efforts to record it really fell flat. Sigh It's just because he's so small 

He got into the water and listened as they instructed him what was to happen, and to what to expect. The performed the ceremony, fully immerse Zander in the water and finish the ceremony. As they begin to leave the baptismal, Zander sits up and quietly asks me "Am I baptized mommy?"

I, teary eyed respond "You sure are baby" (my heart bursting with joy)Happy_Cry___Smiley_by_Mirz123

He gets this look on his face I hope I will never forget. It was a rapturous, beaming joy with a face similar to this guy Wha but overwhelmingly happy instead. Much like the light and amazement in a childs face as he comes out to all the presents on Christmas morning.

He paused a moment, as if mulling it over, and says quietly, "I am baptized" in a wonder-filled tone. Floating It was so beyond precious.

THEN, as I am changing him back again he begins to dance. Jumping in place excitedly and singing "I am baptized, I am baptized, praise the Lord" GodisgoodYahooHappy_Cry___Smiley_by_Mirz123

Oh how precious it would've been to get those moments on tape. Sigh Oh well, at least I have them here.

OH! I almost forgot too. Last week was his initial scheduling for the service but it was cancelled due to the baptismal not getting warm enough. However, on the way there, I ask Zander "Baby, aren't you excited you are going to be baptized today?"

He says, most conversationally "Oh yes Momma, I am so excited. I have a full party in my head. My party keeps saying "Zander's getting baptized, oh yeah, oh yeah" (in a sing song voice). Laugh So cute and more like his father everyday.

It is amazing how children come to faith so easily and adults struggle so much.  Zander's baptism was something he had laid upon his heart by the Lord.  I tried to get him to wait until his Dad was back in town from his current job-site in Idaho but he really pushed to have it right away. 

It's also amazing because it opened up the joys of faith and believing to others his age.  His cousin wanted to know more, wanted to seek HIS face, and follow in obedience as well.  I was over-joyed to share with her the reasons why we baptize and salvation.  Plus all the kids in the children's ministry bared witness as well.  The Lord is glorious and I pray that my child's joy would also be that for others.  Praise the Lord!


Erica said...

Awesome! What an amazing thing, so encouraging to my spirit to hear about your son and how he is so excited about this. God is good.

Diana S. said...

Thank you so much! I am so happy to have you on our journey with us. :)

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