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Gearing up for Summer School

We are gearing up for our version of "Summer School" this year, which for us, is a gap filler for many reasons.  Why are we summer schooling?
  1. To help reinforce the concepts and skillwork already taught during our last school year.
  2. To start a new curriculum with different, more cohesive concepts that also includes more hand-on activities including art and music. (My Father's World)
  3. To officially introduce the little one to K-4 with "real" schooling time (instead of just passive learning, songs or games).
  4. To bridge the gap between 1st and 2nd grade. All of the moving in last year really didn't provide a cohesive 1st grade program. The concepts were sound and on board, but I just don't feel he is where he should be for entry into second grade. He's very close but not quite there. 

We are also excited as we are adding new curriculum, but also returning to some favorites.  Our biggest leap is the addition of My Father's World.  Initially we will be starting their 1st grade curriculum and then, with the beginning of our 2nd grade year (Sept. 7th est.)  moving into their 5 year "wheel" beginning with "Adventures."  That, of course, pending on where the boys are and if they'd rather finish the whole 1st curriculum books instead.

The second new thing will be the addition of Mason's reading program... we are skipping the "" curriculum we initially used with Zander as it was too repetitive, somewhat confusing for them, and very, very dull.

This time we are going with "Reading Made Easy" by Valerie Bendt.  We are opting for her cd versions. I am really surprisingly excited about bringing this in! :D  I am praying it will be the perfect, hands-on program for my little guy.  We will also be adding to this with, and

Zander will continue with Math-U-See, Click-n-Kids reading/phonics, and A Reason for Handwriting.

Of course, as the year progresses, we are very likely to take a tangent or two to chase after some delight driven concepts via unit studies. 


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