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Book Nook Review: It Just Couldn't Happen

What an exciting new product! As a home-schooling family, this has just taken it's place in our standard curriculum! If you are not a home-schooler this is still a fantastic resource. Want to address those tougher questions about biblical vs scientific subjects typically taught in schools? This is fantastic for that too!

The book is easy to read, geared for all ages as it is well written, and has fantastic pictures to captivate. "It Just Couldn't Happen" outlines the points of view in easy to digest segments, providing not only "facts" but a means for you to discover and understand how science comes to its conclusions as well. They encourage learning more, seeking your own answers and going further. (perfect for library visits or building further for older children).

The "Just for Fun" area is a fantastic addition to the book as well. At the end of each chapter they place fun, fanciful questions (such as: if you could live on any plant, what would it be an why?)and hands-on experiments. These engage minds and hands, bringing the subjects to a new level of imagination and interaction; a perfect way to retain knowledge and fuel further passions for learning!

I also love that the book takes both science and bible verses to guide you on the learning journey; something so other books so often fail to do. It's a delight to see that science CAN be merged with Biblical wisdom and rather seamlessly as well.

Overall, the book was a delight. I receive this as an e-book to review from book sneeze but honestly, I may go out and buy the tangible paper version - I see this being a beloved portion of our curriculum for years to come.


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