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We have been having visitors over for the past couple of weeks.  First my best friend came in for 7 days, all the way from Oregon!  We had the best time, dispite the circles that our gps took us on. LOL
Then my parents came out for an extended weekend, that extended an extra day after that!

It was a delight having so many people over!  Of course, after they left it was back to life.  I have found myself in a bit of a funk so getting things done in a motivated, timely manner has been a struggle.

The day after my parents left we found that our dear chicken coop had been infiltrated! We lost two chickens and have one rehabbing right now but looks to be on the mend. We have been busy purchasing and putting together a "hen house" for them.  This is an upgrade from our original pen which was open and roaming.

The intention here is to have the "ladies" roam about freely during the day, and return for fresh food and water in the evenings, locking them safely away.  The hen house will be full enclosed in the winter, and chicken wire enclosed in the summer.  It is now 90% done after today... hurray!!

Tomorrow I need to fit and install a chicken door, move their food and such, and lure them in!  I am so excited!  I also bought some organic feed and some chicken scratch treat for them today!  I cannot wait!!

Thought for the day... In retrospect... chickens are expensive when you are just starting. Wood, screws, paint, chicken wire, food, feeders, watering containers, pine shavings, etc.  The initial investment must yield me some amazing eggs to be worth it financially. Personally though, they ARE a lot of fun to have as pets. It's relaxing to watch them. lol.  I'll stop rambling now. hehe


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