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Homeschool Updates!

All is well at our (very!) wanna be homestead! We are plugging away at My Father's World but have made some adjustments as well.

Initially we were going to stick with MFW 1st grade but as we delved into the curriculum, I found that it was too simple. (yay!)  So we shifted gears and are joyfully using

My Father's World: Adventures!

 Excerpt from their webpage:
 Travel back in time and explore U.S. history and patriotic symbols from a Christian perspective with fascinating stories, hands-on activities, a timeline, and a student created history notebook. Also includes U.S. geography, Bible, science, art, music, and more.

Focus:The Names of Jesus Teach Us His Character
  • U.S. history
  • Patriotic symbols
  • 50 states
  • Nature studies
  • Children in history
  • Notebooking
  • Timeline
  • Hands-on-activities
 We've been adjusting to the new homeschooling curriculum AND the new addition to it. Mason tries but he cannot seem to conceptualize that the "big boy lessons" are only for Zander. He has educational toys, we do history, bible, science, and a bit of geography together but he likes to be there for the flashcards for phonics and math when we do hands-on work with Zander. (He is still much too young to get anything but letters and numbers yet). Mmmm that gives me an idea... maybe I will mix in HIS flashcards with Zanders so he CAN be a part of it. He just randomly belts out numbers Laugh It's a bit disconcerting. He's also just FOUR.

I have to remind myself this and to keep encouraging him to take breaks and go play. Though there are other days where I would be happier if *all* he did was go play. I guess its a bit of both, depending on the day, but I digress. Smiley_Giggle_by_Mirz123

This new curriculum I LOVE. It is easy to follow and easy to implement as well. My biggest struggle is? We are enjoying it TOO much. We simply don't spend as much time on each subject as I would personally like to! Laugh Of course, that's okay, but I like to STAY within that wonderful weekly grid they provide and if we take delight driven detours, it messes that all up. Yeah the perfectionist in me peeks out from time to time. I am trying to get over that. I will not be controlled by the curriculum. I will not be controlled by the curriculum. (manta... repeat!) Laugh

PS: For those of you who asked... We did NOT get chosen. This new system is like winning the lottery.  *sigh*


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