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Cuisinart Smart Stick!

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender - 200W

The versatile stick design of the Cuisinart Smart stick Hand Blender lets users blend ingredients right in pots, pitchers, bowls, or clear plastic beaker that's included. A powerful 200-watt motor operates with an easy one-touch control. Blends drinks, purees soup, mixes pancake and crepe batters in seconds! Both stainless steel blending shaft and beaker are dishwasher-safe. Perfect for making all of your delicious fall recipes! 

It's yet another opportunity as a buzz agent to win a product trial!  We tried mighty hard to get the kindle promotion, but they skipped us over. :(   HOWEVER, we have an opportunity to get selected for the Smart Stick!

I really, really need an Immersion Blender in the worst way!  I had one long ago, that I bought from a different brand, and it litterly burnt out the third time I used it! 

Cuisinart is known for their immersion blenders and have life spans to prove it.  My Grandma has one from years and years ago that is still a workhorse in her kitchen.  I would adore being selected THIS time. 
Crazy yummy crepes we could make if we were selected!

Doesn't this look good? Oh so yummy?  Well, we could if we were selected!  I have so many fall goodies pinned at pinterest! This would make cooking a dream. WE WANNA MAKE CREPES! :)

Please pick me as a selected reviewer this time! :)

BTW: If you are not already a buzz agent, here is the link to them.  I have been an agent since 2006 and I adore them!  No spam, no junk mail, they have never sold my information, and I get to try countless cool things!


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