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Tennessee Living...

Have you ever thought "Hey, this would be perfect for my blog." but then never updated it or posted the information?  Well, yeah that's me.

If I posted every time I had these great moments, I sure would have a fabulous blog. But... life gets in the way.  While having those moments, I get separated from those thoughts to tend to needs or issues otherwise more urgent.  It is, what it is. LOL

So today, I thought I would simply update on our Tennessee living.

We've had friends and family, and surprise visits.  It's been hot and muggy, hot and dry, but also sometimes stormy, windy and had our share of some amazing thunderstorms as well!  In short, we love it here.

The hen house (summer version) is completely constructed and being enjoyed by the four remaining hens. They are so big already but we won't be getting eggs until around October.

I will be adding an enclosed fence to the hen house shortly but I wanted them settled in the hen house first.  Of course, I will take some pictures. :)

In addition, we went out this past weekend and selected new baby chickens to add to our family!  This time we choose Ameraucana's (to replace what we lost) and two need breeds,two Bantam (small) Buff Cochins, and one Light Brahma which is known more for their friendly easy going nature. They are decent layers but the kids really want chickens that are friendly and they can hold without hours of chasing (lol).

This added to the one Ameraucana we have, two Black Star (or black sex-linked) and one    Barred Rock For now, our chicken family is complete and we couldn't be happier!

They are a wonderful addition to our home for educational purposes, for family fun and bonding purposes, and for provisions of eggs and even free fertilizer too!

PS: I tried, very hard to add pics to this post but our internet out here has been very(VERY!) slow lately. It keeps locking up.  I will post some great pics as soon as it will let me.


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