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Book Nook: Inside threat review

Just taking a moment to share one of my latest reviews from my book nook.  Today is "Inside Threat" from my Tyndale Media. 

I know some of you don't love the book nook, but I so love books and I like to share them! hehehe.  Please feel free to omit if you are just "not into it." :D

....I was disappointed to find that this was actually the last of the four-book series so I am jumping into the end. However, this book was a fast pasted journey and quite an emotional journey! 

I love that the book starts with praise to the Lord and that the language and the adult themes in the book is toned down. But the story is what grabs you.

Inside threat is a thriller that is paced well, keeps you guessing, and captivates your heart. The multiple points of view from the characters (especially the terrorists) was an interesting spin.  From the start it sucks in you and doesn't let go.  I only wish I knew this was part of a series - I would've liked to start at the beginning.

I received this book for review for free however my review is honest and forthcoming. I will never post positive if I don't feel a book is worthy. ;) 


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