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A little about me.

Random information about me, Diana.

1.I adore singing and music. Especially praise songs. (you will often catching me singing at any random moment during the day.)

2. I was "childless by choice" for years before we "tried to get pregnant". One time. Then we both freaked out and decided to stop trying. Little did we know that the Lord had already blessed us!

3. Having children was the best thing, and the most challenging thing that's ever happened to me.I would be absolutely joyful if the Lord chose to give us more kiddos.

4. I adore Tennessee! I am so joyful that the Lord led us here. I am patiently waiting for the final pieces of this journey to come together so we can be done with this transition.

5. I truly enjoy listening to on-line sermons as I work on things on my computer or as I drive somewhere.

6.I LOVE having chickens! They are peaceful, beautiful and amazing critters. And that we get eggs from them? So that much more cool. I would have 30 if I could. (lol)

7. I am very scatterbrained and forgetful, always have been. After having kids it got a bit worse.

8.I want to learn how to sew, not just wing it, and how to play the piano.

9. I love creating things. I love the challenge of researching and developing new formulary; especially when the creations end up working so much better than store bought stuff!

10. I have a small business in which I make and sell natural makeup, soaps, facial care, lotions, deodorants and that kind of thing. It's all made by hand, from scratch. 

11. I am a curriculum junkie. I get so excited researching new things, better way to teach, or innovative, fun learning.  I am constantly reading and researching whats out there, planning ahead, and seeking it for as little as possible. I adore quality FREE resources.

12. I would love to be a "homesteader"; living off our land and animals predominately and fully off the grid.  First we'd have to own some land though. LOL

13. I love to bake. I used to own and operate a small artisan bakery where we predominately made wedding cakes.  I loved the creativity of it all but really struggled with the stress and less enjoyable aspects of it all.

14. I'm not a natural savory cook. Nothing seems to be intuitive which I find frustrating. Its all learned behavior and my new recipes I make up often fail. Thank goodness for a hubby who is an amazing cook (and cookbooks!) LOL

15. The Lord is continually transforming my heart. Giving me insight and patience;  guiding me to be a godly wife and mother, friend and servant. I am significantly different than I was just five years ago.  I just wish I learned faster!

16. I adore reading and learning.  I think I enjoy time on the internet simply because I can continually read and learn.  I can go though 30 books a month, or more, if I had the time! 

17.I adore fall! I love the chill and the promise of storms. I love the falling of the leaves and the changes of the colors.  I prefer winter over summer. Hot is not my friend.

18. I loath laundry. It is my biggest nemesis. Washing and drying is fine but it's the folding and putting away that is my biggest struggle.

19. I love decorating for holidays! I will decorate regardless of what I have or where I am. But I am often lazy about taking them down. (I don't like it afterwards; it feels empty)

20.I enjoy the Bible online (or my kindle) more than the physical book most days. Probably because I can highlight without "ruining it".  (Too many years in public schools and borrowed books) and because I have so many different translations so I can switch between them at will or need.


Erica said...

I love random info! So informative and interesting.

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