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Joys of Homeschooling & Update

There is absolutely nothing like the joys of watching a child you love with all your heart slowly take on new concepts and tackle them.  Watching the light in their eyes when they finally "get it".  Or, for me, hearing them read, knowing it was your blessings that YOU were the one who had the privilege  of teaching them that!  Truly it's joyful.

This year we have made several changes. We started out with My Father's World Adventures, which we used as a spine to guide us.  Initially we followed it to the teeth but found it too restricting. I enjoy teaching secondary subjects in a delight driven way. The boys are currently fascinated with horses... we will step outside the curriculum and do a unit study on that instead.

We switched gears around January and began focusing more primaritly on core subjects. It's been rewarding. I have seen my young reader blossom into more and more skillful ability, and watched my youngest child pick up phonetic concepts like a pro!  Their both finished their math and phonic curricula early!

I am now enjoying a short season of planning. I have decided to continue with MFW
Adventures, still adding delight driven interests and still placing primary focus on the core subjects.  Mason is moving to Math-U-See Alpha, and Zander is moving into Math-U-See beta.  He is picking up those concepts very quickly so we may fly through it. Only time will tell.

We are also continuing with Click n kids for computer phonics and reading, and Explode the Code books for hand-on, worksheet instruction.

I have found though, that I sometimes need more pages in MUS than they offer, or a different way to show concepts and teach. Because of that, I have also added Mammoth Math and have also created new worksheets that will work with any math curriculum!  It will go along with the basic concepts in MUS books, but can be used anywhere.  As I create the series, I will post them to share. :)  Supplement MUS or any other math curriculum for free! 


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