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New Homeschooling Resources!

As a homeschooling mommy, I am always on the lookout for new websites that offer innovative, affordable or free (free is better; free is my friend).  I try to update here for some of my favorites to share with you all.

I have a few great places I have stumbled upon!

First of all, I found a great resource for used homeschool curriculum! The board is packed with some very affordable sellers, and the site itself has a ton of great helps for the homeschooling family. Visit their Homeschool talk and swap board. which has topics ranging from "Classical Homeschooling" all the way to "The Asylum" (need I say more LOL).  

I have been a member here for some time, but I have never thought to share it!  The Homeschooling Lounge is a message board filled with fellow homeschoolers!  The resources and the communal feeling there is amazing. It is truly a place to escape for answers to our struggles and a place to share our triumphs as well!


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