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Technology Oddity?

House of Sloth: Technology Is Making Me Weird just posted a bit on the internet and how it has changed our lives. It was as if the author was ME writing about, well, ME! I too struggle with the phone. I LOATH the phone! I too used to be a phone love'n teen but over the years that has changed; perhaps it was the years and years of being the primary phone receptionist in my jobs? Or is it because there are just better options available?

The internet and texting has made my life significantly easier. Let's face it; when you are mom of young kids, talking on the phone take a whole new sets of skills! If your kids are anything like mine, the phone ringing is like an instant shot of of hyper-adrenaline. Suddenly kids who were once peacefully playing, pour in from everywhere, wired, demanding to talk, or singing or fighting, yelling, jumping, or a bit of all of the above!

So of course, you attempt to be happy to the caller; after-all, it's not their fault that the sound of a phone ringing drives my kids into a frenzy. I attempt to actually listen to what they have to say while struggling to get the kids off the ceiling, stop their fighting, getting a sippy cup, or silently address their sudden oppressive need for a snack. To be honest, if you call me on the phone, I am almost always only hearing 70% of what you say and then actually understanding roughly 40%.

With emails, text, or IM this phenomena does not occur. The kids could care less if you are chatting with me or if I am responding to your email. If they do need something, they usually actually need it, and I can pause a moment to tend to them. They don't "activate" into frothing, foaming monsters with endless energy when we chat on facebook. They don't even come out of their play area! (gasp!)

So yes, I loath the phone and avoid it whenever possible and turn to tech to socialize - can you really blame me? LOL


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