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Life Updates - Moving again! p2

We are still plugging away at the move!  I have got a lot moved and put away but also there is still quite a bit that needs to be transported.

My husbands twin and his family are coming out, with a trailer, to help me do the heavy moving.  The couch would be an impossibility for me to move alone so I am really, really thankful that they are helping us, again!  Two moves in less than 4 months for them! (he helped with the California move with my hubby).  God Bless him. :)

I really want this house cleared of everything we can move with our own two hands, so I am working hard toward that goal.  The move is this Saturday so I have to get it going if I am going to make it!

While off loading earlier this week, I was  very happy to discover that they are putting in a brand new dishwasher (after a fiasco I had one day while cleaning and moving a load out there) AND a newer fridge too. The old one is circa 1970's.

However, the fridge doesn't currently fit into the kitchen so he's been working on getting that in and the dishwasher. He was there today, apparently (finally) making progress.

The basement had water abatement issues that they were fixing when I saw the place. They've done two different things to it, and it seems like this last time may have been the ultimate fix. The problem is that the basement is now rather a mess. The laminate flooring is all warped and has seems peeling and lifting and the walls are not finished completely. Apparently they don't want to install anything until they are certain that the water issues are done. BUT it was supposed to have been done before we move in. It's putting a bit of a damper on my move because I cannot put things down there yet. A bit frustrating but whatever.
Okay, without further ado... here is the videos to the house... (please keep in mind, I made the video for dear husband so he could see what we were getting into.Laugh


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