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Inspired Stumble Upon: Guest Hollow FREE Curricula

I have been searching for next year's curriculum.  I am a major planner and I tend to buy curricula used, often times at ebay or the like, and that takes patience, time and waiting to score that amazing deal.  I typically start researching and buying elements for next year shortly after we being a new year.

First of all, I want to make sure the curricula we are using works for us.  If we love it, then I consider the same publisher for the next year.  If it is not working, then I look at why and start to seek what we could use instead.

We adore My Father's World adventures! We are learning a TON, having fun and making memories; exactly what we are looking for in a curriculum. So, I have been reading reviews and preparing to purchase their next phase in their cycle; Exploring Countries and Cultures.

However, reviews on the next year's MFW ECC are pretty loud and clear: the program is geared for older grades and takes much modification to adjust it to my children's ages. Yes, it can be done, but I am of the mind that I paid for a pre-made curriculum, I want it to be "grab and go".  If I am constantly having to amend it to work, then it is not working for me.

Since my kids are on the youngest phase of their multi-aged family cycle, I am seriously considering adding a year (or two) to effectively gap the age/grade difficulty issues. That leads us to today's stumble upon!


: Otter's Physics

Ancient History Curriculum
Check out our FREE ancient history!

American History

Check out our FREE homeschool history! This is a year long literature based history study for grades 2-6, or as a homeschool supplement for grades K - middle school.

American History
Curriculum 2!

This free American history supplement / curriculum / program was originally written for the target grades of 2-8 (with a few extras for older students as well).

Otter's Science Curriculum: The Human Body
Join us on a FREE 33 week literature based tour through the human body, first aid and survival using "living books"!

Little Otter's Science is for preschoolers through 1st grade. This is a gentle, literature approach to science with simple experiments and activities.

Otter's Elementary Science is designed for 2nd to 6th graders though you could easily use this program for a student up to 8th grade. I've included a variety of engaging books, websites, activities and experiments for a fun filled year of study.

Big Otter's Science is for high schoolers. It can be a supplement to Otter's Elementary Science so you can combine your younger kids with bigger kids and still study the same subjects or it can also be used as a stand alone curriculum with plenty of labs, some great optional DVD's and a unit at the end on survival and first aid.

There is more on the page too!


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